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Almost two hours of music!
Featuring the following tracks!

Rob Loss & His Ill-Advised Monochord Orchestra - Serviceable Seasick Samba
Now - Repurse the Pass
Nil By Nose - What Would Compliment My Rhumba?
Justin D Fink AKA The Castle - Father Captain Rides Again
Static - Witch House
Pino Masso - Rumbabarama
Spaceship - The Last Gasp
Iona Tanguay - Pear Drops at the Fair
Silent Invisible Radiation - Do Not Hang With The Negative
Zali Krishna - Clickbait
Tom Furse - Discothèque Vim?na
Adrian Carter - O's Tango
Clare Whitney & Joe Button - Plumbdown & Scrabble
Drift of Signifieds - Ist est Sicher? Ist est Samba?
Susan Stakeout - Cruel World
Dessicant - Haunted by Night
Tobias Van De Peer - Freedom For Malvinas Flytrap
Dolly Dollycore - Speed Dream Shuttle Spree
Orlando - Theme For A Telepathic Amphibian (prototype)
Marion Andrau - Samba Bhla Bhla
Ronny Wærnes - Booga Tango
Resistance Bliss - Blonde Ice
Simon Reuben White - Virgin Queen Piping
Teri Reed - Gonna Make You Sweat Gonna Make You Groove
Body 13 - Still Tide (Version)
Thumbalina Von Doom - The Power Tango
Master Taurus - Nova Boss Meander

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Rob Loss
Nil By Nose
Justin D Fink
Pino Masso
Iona Tanguay
Silent Invisible Radiation
Zali Krishna
Tom Furse
Adrian Carter
Clare Whitney & Joe Button
Drift of Signifieds
Susan Stakeout
Tobias Van De Peer
Dolly Dollycore
Marion Andrau
Ronny Waernes
Resistance Bliss
Simon Reuben White
Teri Reed
Body 13
Thumbalina Von Doom
Master Taurus

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